Wk 11 -Artist OTW -Student Choice

Juan Hernandez
2 min readNov 8, 2020

Sean Scully was born in Dublin, Ireland on June 30 in 1945, and has become an American based artist who specializes in paintings, sculptures, and photography. He has always wanted to be an artist from a young age and the things that inspired him the most were old catholic paintings and the work of Van Gogh. Sean was also inspired by American Rhythm and Blues and his travels across the world like his trips to America, Mexico, and Germany.

The art of Sean Scully is typically made up of a bunch of squares and rectangles and has a variety of colors that are more muted but some of his paintings have vibrant colors. He also often uses lines to add contrast to the piece and the pieces are a little bit on the large size but not too big. His sculptures are similar to his painting where there are a bunch of squares stacked on top of each other with different colors but they are usually larger than the paintings.

Sean’s art is abstrat which means he uses shapes to express emotions and we are suppose to interperate what it means to us. His work was meant to go back to “ground zero” which means that he focuses on the perfectly rendered stripe. Sean also stated that some of his work were romantic and quasi-religious. Also some of his work is inspired by landscapes he seen and even his family like one of his pieces which he dedicated to his deceased son.

To me this was an interesting experience because Sean’s work is the typical work that most normal people and that I would hate on because of how simple it is and how it looks meaninglesss. But getting to know the artist and the meaning of some of his work has made me appreciate it more even though I still might not love it. I also really like his sculptures because they are usually so large and is visually appealing. Overall I think that Sean is a good artist and deserves more respect than some people like me would have given him.