Wk 13- Essay 2- Art!

Juan Hernandez
3 min readNov 27, 2020

What is art? It is similar to asking what is the meaning of life, there is no true answer but there are some answers that are righter than others. When I started this class I had a rough understanding of what art really is and it is hard to explain it but I believed that art is was something that takes skill and involves emotion. For the most part, I have stuck close to my original idea, the one thing that was added was the fact that art has to come from people and I don’t know if it is arrogant or just true. Another change that happened is art doesn’t need to take a lot of skill and this happened because I researched an abstract artist and it made me respect abstract art because there is the meaning behind it.

I am majoring in Business Marketing and it is almost an all-encompassing thing because you can market anything. I also feel that the most important art forms that relate to my major are digital art, graphic art, and sculptures. For the most part, I don’t believe I would have to make the art but I will have to make the concept that the artist has to do. The whole point of marketing is creating an image for a product or service and art plays a big factor in that because a good first impression while makes it more likely for a person to buy a product. For the most part, art plays an integral part in marketing because it can express many words very quickly.

Art is an important factor in our daily lives and for some of us, it can be our therapist. For me, the work of an artist has to be relatable to make it impactful. The art that speaks to me is usually musical artists because they have more time to express their message while many other artists have a quick first impression to make me relate. The artist that has impacted me the most is Henry Darger because of how crazy his life was and the fact that no one knew who he was before he died. His art was very childish and he wasn’t a great artist because most of the faces in his work were traced from faces in news articles. But the fact that his art was hidden for most of his life and never thought about the money.

Art is definitely one of the most important things that we can all experience, it is something that adds meaning to our lives, and having that taken away would make living less enjoyable. Art makes it easier to express our emotions and art makes it easier to be human. The slogan “a great nation deserves great art” is something that I think holds true because art is a way for people to express themselves and that either that means politically or expressing an unpopular opinion. If a great nation doesn’t have great art that usually means that the citizens aren’t truly free.

This semester was really fun, I never thought that I could enjoy art as much as I did especially when I am not a very good artist. One of the most important things I learned is that the meaning behind the art is usually more important than the skill that it takes to make the art. I also enjoyed learning about a new artist and getting more acquainted with the many different forms of art. I want to dabble a little more in art but I don’t know if I will ever get fully invested anytime soon. But overall I really enjoyed learning about art because I definitely thought at first it was really pretentious but learned there is a lot of emotion that goes into it even if it doesn't seem like it.