Wk 4- Art Activity- Architecture & Urban Planning

This picture is what I think future libraries would look like.

The Design

  • Covid would heavily affect on the design because the library would need to have enough space to keep people safe. Maybe also having pod like rooms where someone can study and won’t need to worry about having to be next to a lot of people. This is where a virtual library would be beneficial.
  • There will also need to be larger rooms needed for large groups that would need to be safe enough to use during covid. So maybe a room where windows cut off complete contact with other people but it will allow you to see and work with other people.
  • The overall design should be an extravagant and futuristic library that would encompass everything we would want in a library. With also the benefits that would keep us safe during covid. But it will be extremely expensive and I don’t CSULB would want to pay soo much for a library.
Covid domes.

Library in the Internet Century

  • There will still be books mainly the most important one and the more obscure ones will be accessible from the tablets.
  • The virtual library will also be a huge part because if you just need simple information that won’t take long you won’t need to go to the library.

Library in the Age of Coronavirus

  • It would also be easier to clean fewer tablets and computer that cleaning all the books so there will be less chances for the spread of covid.
  • The virtual library would extremely cut the chances of covid and the only reason not to use it because if someone cannot complete something with out using an in person library.