1. My original vision for this was to make something digital that looked nice.
  2. I think this was a success because when I first thought of making this it looked similar to what it became. It was also enjoyable to make something digital.
  3. One of the things that I tried to portray is calming emotions because right now it is kind of stressful with finals coming up. I feel that it didn’t completely convey that because it looks roughly drawn.
  4. Something I would do differently was maybe getting a drawing tablet to make it loot better but I don’t it would have helped too much.

This assignment is a bit easier for me because my major is marketing and almost every company needs marketing to succeed.

What is art? It is similar to asking what is the meaning of life, there is no true answer but there are some answers that are righter than others. When I started this class I had a rough understanding of what art really is and it is hard to explain it but I believed that art is was something that takes skill and involves emotion. For the most part, I have stuck close to my original idea, the one thing that was added was the fact that art has to come from people and I don’t know if it is…

Artist: Heather Anacker & Krista Feld

Media: Weaving, Textiles, Sculpture


Heather Anacker and Krista Feld were students at CSULB who are also friends who worked together on an SOA gallery called Dwelling. The gallery took place in 2013 and was located in the Gatov Gallery West/ East also in the video, they go through the gallery where they express the inspirations for the gallery. They both also graduated CSULB with a Bachelor in Fine Arts.

Many of their work in the gallery has to do with weaving together different fibers to create things like chairs and suitcases. There are…

  1. I didn’t know Tim at all, I never saw him on zoom or even noticed if he occasionally typed something in chat.
  2. I feel like I know him pretty well we like similar things like soccer and Korean BBQ and he is a super nice dude because he was easy to talk to.
  3. This is probably the easiest way to make new connections in pandemic isolation because I feel it is way harder to make new friends in a larger group of people where you don’t really get to know one person.
  4. We used Instagram to communicate and it worked…

Sean Scully was born in Dublin, Ireland on June 30 in 1945, and has become an American based artist who specializes in paintings, sculptures, and photography. He has always wanted to be an artist from a young age and the things that inspired him the most were old catholic paintings and the work of Van Gogh. Sean was also inspired by American Rhythm and Blues and his travels across the world like his trips to America, Mexico, and Germany.

The art of Sean Scully is typically made up of a bunch of squares and rectangles and has a variety of…

  1. Joyce Yang
  2. Judith Cuara
  3. Magdali Zarat

Juan Hernandez

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